Baking as an upskill

Hi All,

Really want to share with you some little treats from our Techniques of Baking Classes running now in its 3rd week and next week been the last for this year. Tutors and students alike are having a great time.


It seems from what I have read, that baking is the latest trend in up skilling and I am only delighted to hear this. Especially when day in and day out here at Ballyknocken Cookery School we experience the benefits so much. The therapeutic and almost trancelike motion in kneading alone many have commented on as having an almost calming soothing affect. I always find it the most enjoyable way to leave the worries of the day behind.


Reading recipes, improvising on various ingredients, feeling out variations on flavours, and the general baseline ideas on the various tasks for baking I find carry on to everyday life and work. In our various Cookery Classes, many students, now friends have reflected similar. In particular many of our corporate guests who come to us as part of a team building activity have commented on the various everyday life benefits the baking skills give them, and have readily admitted to never before having even considered baking as a notion. I get such joy when I hear how just one class can change peoples perspective on one of my greatest passions.


I have shared with you now some images of the beautiful creations our Techniques of Baking students have created over the past weeks. Breads, Pastries, Desserts galore! If baking is your passion, don’t miss your opportunity to join us here in the Cookery School at our next Techniques of Baking course.


Happy Baking

Catherine x



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