Going Potty for Planting

Pineapple Mint

Check out this beautiful Pineapple Mint outside the Cookery School – the colour and the smell are just incredible.

The garden is looking and smelling better than ever, the vegetable garden is just brimming with delicious fruits and vegetables.

We have a variety of lettuce :

Naverre (red oak leaf), Veredes (green oak leaf), Lollo biondi, Lattughino Italian Finger Lettuce, Red Fire and Spotty Butter Gem – that are served with our weekend dinners.  The Mange tout and sugar snap peas are bursting with greenness.

The celery lead, scallions, perilla, wild rocket and Fresh Sorrel are ready to be picked and the giant globe artichokes are just the King of the vegetable garden, simply stunning.

The edible flowers; Boarage, violas, marigold, shingiku and pinks are a great way to dress up salads and even cakes.

Our Alpine strawberries are flourishing bedside our rhubarb. We have some lovely loganberries ripening in the herb garden, jostaberries and gooseberries too.

We are watching our broad beans, beetroot, swiss chard and courgettes coming along nicely.

We just planted a red cabbage and a Table Queen Pumpkin – so looking forward to seeing how well they take.

We have some lemon balm and chamomile for fresh herbal teas – nothing quite like it.

My passion for the garden stems directly into my passion for food. For me, the freshness of the ingredients is key to making the tastiest, most flavoursome food.

Check out this week’s RTE Guide for some of my true ‘Salt of the Earth’ recipes.

We have some new classes added to our Autumn/ Winter Schedule – check out the below link or call Sharon for more details on 0404 44627.






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