How does your garden grow?…


All the flowers, all the colours
All in a perfect row
First the seeds
And then the water
Keeping a little space
Daisies here, roses there
Each one has their place


A picture of our Florence Fennel taken first thing this morning.

Wendy and Orlaith are my green fingered friends who help me out with both the herb and the vegetable gardens here in Ballyknocken.

We have been very busy both planting and picking over the past few weeks and thought I’d share with you what’s been happening…

At the moment we have abundant spring onions, Lettuce Oriental salads, Spinach and Rhubarb – already picked and ready for this weekend’s cookery classes.

In herb garden we have Chervil, Coriander, Parsley, Thyme, Sage and Chives.

What will be available to eat very soon:

Winterkefe mange-tout peas Sugar snap peas Strawberries

What we are planting now:

Climbing French beans, purple, gold and borlotti Beetroot, yellow and red Sugar snap peas, Broad beans.

What we will be planting soon:

Courgettes, Red cabbage, Celery, and celery leaf, Broad beans, more lettuce and salads Squash Swiss chard

Potatoes are up well now. Main crop varieties so won’t be harvesting them until September.

Edible flowers in bloom:

Violas, pot marigold, shingiku chrysanthemums, nasturtiums, February orchid, pinks.

Very pleased with new perennial bed which has:

Lovage, Globe artichokes, Potato onions, Alpine strawberries, Scorzonera Edible flowers


I just love getting out into the garden, particularly at this time of the year..there is something truly satisfying with the whole process of planting, picking and eating your own home grown fruit, vegetables and herbs…and nothing quite as tasty either.





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